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In Hawaii today, there are very few “Pure Hawaiians” left. The people of Hawaii today are mostly a mixture of races that have come to Hawaii over the years. They say in the next three or so generations, there will be no “Pure Hawaiians” left in Hawaii, except for the island of Niihau, which has the obstacle of no new bloodlines introduced of “Pure Hawaiian” descent. In short, if nothing is drastically done to preserve the “Pure Hawaiians”, they will be a dying race in Hawaii. Their stories and culture will be preserved by the “Part Hawaiians” and other “hanai ohana” for generations to come, so that is the good news.

Pure Hawaiian V

Our family is blessed to have three “Pure Hawaiian kupuna’s”. Kupuna means elder or teacher, and we are “hanai ohana” or adopted family. One of the kupuna’s gave me my Hawaiian name, Kanahele, after his grandfather who was from Niihau. I am very honored to showcase authentic “Pure Hawaiian” artwork that represents their knowledge of the ocean or “kai” and the land or “aina”. This art form is extremely rare to find today in Hawaii. Each piece is hand carved and mounted on a stand with a polished opihi shell in the form of a turtle. This is an heirloom piece that one day will not be available.

Pure Hawaiian IV

Pure Hawaiian III

Pure Hawaiian II

Pure Hawaiian I

Hawaiian Dolphins & Turtle

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